Why We Do What We Do


We are in very colorful times of agitation for youth leadership in the nations across the world. A generation is gradually passing away and the stakes are high for the emergence for new leadership. However, research has proven that a greater part of Africa’s human capital remains untapped. The obvious is that, there is a missing link-- the visionary and enterprising leadership required to engineer the harnessing of the human resource for a quicker industrial transformation in Ghana and Africa at large.

The power of the over 60% of Ghana’s population which form the greater part of the country’s human capital are youths, yet the challenge of the African youths, especially those in Ghana remains a menace; Most youths live without a drive of purpose: some live in apathy, others settle for mediocre interventions because of low self-esteem and a sense of unworthiness. Many other youths have high reliance on government systems and promises with little initiative and drive for entrepreneurship, hence the cry of unemployment. The consequence of this is a nation with its major human resource underutilized.

Some youths are dissatisfied with the status quo in their schools, communities and homes, yet who will LEAD not just a momentary spring of youthful reaction but real, deep and lasting change for development in our schools and communities? – There is a stirring wind all around us and we must not sleep throughout this revolution which calls for the raising of LEADERS AND MENTORS.

Sadly, some of our youths who discover their leadership potential and venture into student leadership of any kind end up overindulging at the expense of their academic excellence and personal integrity in leadership. In their bid for acceptance by the masses, some of these student leaders engage in sensationalism among students which often lead to the negligence of their duty. Others end up doing the bidding of their political pay masters and political Godfathers at the expense of transformation in their schools and communities. This ultimately affects the process of fruitful leadership development and the harnessing of their potentials for national leadership.

In the awaiting century, what will indispensably determine the fate of the Africa’s transformation and development will be a passionate hunger on the part of all to raise more visionary and transformational leaders and Entrepreneurs.

History has always proven the great involvement of the youths in the making and the unmaking of great institutions and nations. The cutting-edge solution to ensure progressive development and, the prevention of misguided momentary spring of youthful reaction is to unleash the LEADERSHIP potential of the youth, and, to DEPLOY these talents for service through purposive MENTORING.

Our work therefore focuses on training and mentoring the youth to deploy their unique abilities, purpose and leadership for positive global impact through supervised projects.

We hope to develop and build a network of Mentoring Partnerships, while we collaborate with other organizations whose missions are in sync with our Vision.


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