Our Commitment

Ultimately, our commitment is to help every person who enrolls on our mentoring program to confidently and practically respond to the ten fundamental questions of life and leadership with great conviction;

1) The question of Identity and Self-worth, who am I?

2) The question of Heritage and Belief system, where am I from? How do I successfully navigate life?

3) The question of Purpose and Leadership, what is my life’s blueprint to advance the human race?

4) The question of Potential and Capacity, what can I do? What are my gifts and talents for service?

5) The question of Destiny and Process, where am I going from here and how do I get there?

6) The question of Conviction, what will be at the Centre of my life? And what will drive my life?

7) The question of Integrity, what would be the character of my life? What principles will guide me?

8) The question of Life-message, what will my life communicate to others and my community?

9) The question of Inner Circle, what will my community of close friends and networks be?

10) The question of Legacy, what will be the contribution of my life?


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