About DreamsAfrica

DreamsAfrica is a leading Human Resource and Mentoring hub in Africa. We envision closing the ‘mentoring gap’ in an era where less attention is given to the younger generation, so that every young person could have the opportunity to be cared for and instructed by a Mentor; one who listens with patience, instructs with wisdom and guides with love. Our carefully chosen mentors at DreamsAfrica commits their time to this purpose and, distinguish themselves in their given fields of expertise and industry.

The initiative was birthed in response to the startling observation that, nearly 85% of Ghanaian youth grow through their adolescent life without intentional mentoring and the presence of caring adults, to share with the threatening challenges they face without being judged.

DreamsAfrica champions youth mentoring, talent development, quality education and good governance, thus, developing youth mentoring and leadership development program for tertiary institutions and Colleges. This is done in partnership with corporate organizations (UNSD Goals 3 & 4). We focus on grooming the youth between the ages of 12 years and 35 years to be discerning citizens and vigilantes with great sense of statesmanship, and, responsibility in the sphere of influence they are called to serve.

DreamsAfrica is a Social group which is Human Resource Development driven as well as Task-oriented.
(1) By being a Social group and a Human Resource Development driven organization, DreamsAfrica embarks on the following:
(a) Rehabilitation: Awakening the moral conscience of the youth and restoring talents for progressive development.
(b) Habilitation: Helping the youth to discover, grow and to develop their creative leadership potential and talents
(c) Socialization: Helping the youth to learn how to get along with others and fostering the creation of a safe community.

(2) By being task – oriented, DreamsAfrica embarks on the following:
(a) Social Action: Helping the youth to improve their environment (through Developmental Projects/Initiatives).
(b) Problem solving: Mentoring the youth to resolve complex issues and concerns through research (Creativity and Counseling).

3) DreamsAfrica is Non-Partisan and, a Not-for-profit organization.


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