What We Do

Individual Mentoring

6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 4 years one-on-one mentoring relationship between a caring adult and a student or young person with the goals of helping the young person understand his or her self-worth, develop a positive self-esteem, fulfill his or her potential and to deploy his or her talent for leadership. A mentor can contribute to a young person’s ability to increase self-esteem, develop stronger social networks hence reducing isolations, increase integration between different groups in society. Young people spend less time with their parents, hence they need additional adults support. More so, for most youth, it is easier to trust and discuss seemingly difficult issues with someone of trust than their parents. (details as an icon).

Career Mentoring (Internships and Career Role Modeling)

We work with corporate institutions and our partners to provide internship opportunities to our mentees. This prepares them for the world of work. Through this process, they acquire knowledge and experience that prepares them for their career choices and entrepreneurship. This is intended to help bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world for our mentees, and it helps them to become industry savvy. Our Partners and Professionals share insights into different professions through our interactive programs, and they share their personal experiences with our mentees. The program is intended to expose students to different career opportunities through mentoring relationship with caring adults.

Parents Coaching/Mentoring

These programs are designed to provide parents with the skills to enhance communication and their relationship with their children. Two hours every quarter where specific parenting topics are discussed and parents are provided tools and strategies to foster love, the resilience needed for adulthood and self-esteem of their wards. Parents also have the opportunity to meet the mentors of their wards.

Team and Peer Mentoring

Our mentees serve as accountability partners to other mentees or colleagues. Our mentoring platform provides a network of like-minded leaders where our mentees learn from each other and serve as checks and partners for responsible behavior and growth.

Pioneers and Revolutionaries Mentoring

We gloom leaders and help young leaders nurture their ideas for leadership and help others to initiate mentoring organizations across the country. We provide leadership and direction and help them to keep to ethical mentoring standards.

Why You Should Join DreamsAfrica

Commit to a cause you can give yourself to serve
Commit to a noble cause that needs you
Discover your leadership potential and have opportunity to serve it

Parent Membership Form

Are you a guardian or a parent of one (or more) of the prospective leaders of our country? Your involvement with DreamsAfrica is one of the most progressive ways to invest in your ward and to help guide them while receiving the support you need as a parent to better connect with them and their need.

Professional Membership form

Ideal for Coaches, Mentors, Pioneers of Mentoring organisations, educators, Talent Developers, and consultants. DreamsAfrica platform connects you with a vast network of leaders and mentors while giving access to human resources, mentoring tools, and discounts.

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Be a gift that keeps giving… be a voice that instruct in wisdom, be a hand that lifts and be a heart that gifts in support of mentoring! We are in this Together.


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