Our Founder

What began as a desire and an idea, to be a big brother to his friends and the young ones in his community at an early age of 12 years has grown into a conviction of many possibilities.
Eric Edem Damanka’s life has been one dedicated to leadership, talent development, training and mentoring. As founder and President of DreamsAfrica, he has been a known advocate for youth mentoring and leadership.
As a Human Resource (HR) Consultant, his experience and knowledge in raising professionals for leadership through mentoring and sponsoring and, in deploying talents across industries in Ghana has greatly shaped his conviction for this national vision. He once advanced with much certainty, ‘“I am of a strong conviction that all my life journeys, processes, experiences, education, and work, both in Academia and Industry have been so ordained to prepare me, and, to give me deeper perspectives into my vision of leadership, vocation and mentoring for the youth’’.
Shaped by the lives of the Mentors he found in his early life, at age 11, he purposed in his heart to help many other people find solace in trusted voices of wisdom, care and protection.
His relentless passion for the transformation of lives was further fueled in college by two succinct statements of admonishing by his mother, to wit, ‘‘Brighten in the Corner where you are’’ and, ‘‘Brighten the corner where you are.’’ These wisdom words he has held onto as his commission to Personal leadership and Public leadership respectively.


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